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To provide a sustainable non-for-profit platform that validates the arts through services that benefit the social and mental well-being of our community.

The arts play an important role in actively working at the top and bottom of the cliff when promoting social wellbeing and a healthier culture in our community. The vision is to create an inclusive, supportive and thriving arts network that provides accessible social and economic opportunities to every person to without discrimination.

What is WISK?

  • W.I.S.K is an arts service available to people in the Selwyn district. We provide a variety of options for people to access creative support system to enable them to connect with others. Some of these are:​

    • We work with local creatives to run creative  workshops that benefit the wellbeing, skills, imagination, kinship of community

    • Work with social support organisations in our community on collaborative projects

    • ​Provide a one on one or group art on referral service for the community with our partner organisations

    • Provide opportunities and support for marginalised, and isolated members of our community

    • Actively promote & incorporate social and economic integration for people in need respecting equality and diversity through projects

    • Encourage & facilitate the development of creative projects and social enterprise that teach transferable skills leading to employment opportunities & further education

    • Provide information on best practices for creative people

    • Connect people to a mentor

    • Advocate for, promote & support the arts community

Our Values
Transparency, Creative Expression, Community Connection, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Sustainability, Partnership, Participation

Who are our main user groups:

The whole community!!!! We are an inclusive charitable organisation who will find a way to work with any needs.

We especially want to make sure that people with physical, sensory, intellectual, or psychiatric disabilities. People under the mental health system, prisoners, young people, elderly, and people living in isolation - especially rurally, have access to the arts.​

Where are we located?

Selwyn District

How do we access the service?

You can send us an email and we will point you in the right direction

Who do we collaborate with - what events do we work on?




9:00 AM - 05:30 PM


+64 21 1229317
EMAIL: creativelyselwyn@gmail.com


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