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Christmas Message

As we near the summer break, patience thins, anxiety hits a high as the added financial pressure mounts with our expectations we place on ourselves to purchase gifts and food. Now is the time, where we need to slow down and find moments of calm and peace. This is the time of year where connection with others is at the fore. Working in the social and creative sector, I find there is nothing more heart-breaking than seeing and hearing the untold stories of people who are really struggling and facing a time of year without loved ones around. The stories that are far more common than you may realise. This is the time, more than ever, where we need to remind ourselves to check in on our fellow neighbours, and a time where being creative can actually help you in finding a calm centre amongst the storm of activity. By adding the daily practice of creativity to our every day lives we invariably force ourselves to stop, take a deep breath and shift our focus away from mind chatter to a place of calm. We start to notice the little things around us and we reconnect with ourselves in a way that helps us to deal with whatever comes our way. Creativity is not just about drawing and crafting, its also about expressing yourself. Whether that be through singing a simple song, or simply creating a space for yourself to sit and tap into your imagination. This is the time where creativity can be a gift to give yourself. What would our community look like at Christmas time if we focused more on creative expression and community connection and focused less on expectations? By going into this summer break with an intentional focus on creative expression and connection, it is a good way of starting a new year a little less stressed, with a plan to create a little something for you each week, you may end up finding that next Christmas you would have gained more than just a few gifts under a tree. Have a safe and relaxing break. Much love Rachael Inch

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