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Lakeland Art Gallery Artist of the Month - Jill Lemon

Jill Lemon

Jill Lemon

Jill's childhood was all about the Port Hills and Lake Ellesmere from her bedroom window, where she started her drawing at early hours in the morning. She also took art as a School Certificate subject. Gathering a vast knowledge and passion for the outdoors gave Jill the desire to put vision to paper in the form of pastel, water colour and acrylic.

All Jill’s family are art inclined, but only Jill and sister Averil have continued, both becoming well known for their artistic skills.

The subject close to her heart are landscapes of the area, although she has produced other work of childhood memories, for example “A Child’s Treasure” now on display in the gallery.

Close association of artists in the district have led to art days, which have been established for 14 years, Jill being there from the beginning.

Active around the Canterbury District, Jill has exhibited her work at “Down at the Liffey”, Ashburton Art Exhibition & BNZ Leeston.

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